Wake Forest!!

Holy crap! I never thought I’d live to see the day when Wake Forest was named ACC Football Champion. Hell, I never thought about it period, especially not in a conference with Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech. I mean, are you kidding me? Wake Forest? It’s just crazy. Keep your eye out for clouds of locusts or wildmen on horseback.
In keeping with the rest of the ACC season, Wake’s 9-6 victory over Georgia Tech in Dr. Pepper ACC Championship was horrendously ugly. 60 minutes, five field goals. As written at Deadspin – “Somewhere, Mr. Pibb is laughing his ass off.” This was no ESPN Instant Classic. It was an instant “Delete This Program” choice on the TiVo. That game had no alibi; it was ugly. Unless, of course, you’re a Wake Forest fan like myself. Come to think of it, I bet just about all of the ACC was rooting for the Deacons today. I’ve never heard so many positive comments about a team that just beat you as I heard this year about Wake. It seemed that every vanquished fan base just quietly jumped about the Deacon wagon. They were like Alexander rolling through Persia. They conquered you and then enlisted you.
Will Wake get destroyed by Louisville in the Orange Bowl? Probably. But so what, it’s Wake Forest in the freaking Orange Bowl! I need to type that again. Wake Forest is going to play in the Orange Bowl. The mind reels.
Go Deacs!

Grobe Staying Put?

The iron couldn’t be hotter. Jim Grobe had (is having) a legendary year at Wake Forest, he was unanimously voted the ACC Coach of the Year and first-tier jobs Alabama and Miami have opened up. Now is the time for Jim Grobe to cash in on the hard work he’s done building a program at Wake (and previously at Ohio). But the thing is, Grobe says he’s staying. He’s made it pretty clear that he has no desire to leave Wake Forest.
How about that?

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ACC Futbol

It’s been a crappy year for the ACC on the gridiron, but not on the pitch. The ACC has long been dominant in college soccer, particularly women’s soccer, and that tradition continues. The men and women both have their Final Four, or College Cup as they call it, this weekend. The ACC put two teams in each – UNC (of course) and Florida State in the women’s tourney and UVA and Wake Forest for the men. Man, Wake is having quite a fall, huh?
What’s really cool about this is that ESPN is airing two of the semifinal games and the championships. The UNC-UCLA women’s game is on ESPN2 at 3:30 and the UVA-UCLA men’s game is on ESPN2 at 6. The women’s finals are on ESPN2 Sunday at 12:30. The men are on the same channel at 3 p.m. Set your TiVo! Hopefully those Sunday tilts will be all-ACC contests!