ACC A Football League?

Caulton Tudor, JP Giglio and maybe some other writers for ACC Now (the News & Observer’s blog) put together a list of their All-NFL and All-NBA teams using only ACC players. Click on the links in that sentence to see their picks.
While that was an interesting and fun read, I was completely baffled by Tudor’s article talking about the lists. Tudor looked at those and somehow decided that the NFL team was better! He justified it by saying that they had to leave off Bears running back Thomas Jones (a former Virginia Cavalier).
I guess Tudor forgot that their NBA team featured not just the five starters, but seven bench players. The NFL team had only starters.
On top of that, the NBA team didn’t even include perennial all-star Rasheed Wallace. Off the top of my head, a few other guys not included:
Grant Hill (full-time starter, 15ppg)
Stephon Marbury (full-time starter, 15ppg)
Steve Francis (injured, but an all-star caliber player when happy)
Mike Dunleavy (11ppg)
Shane Battier (full-time starter, 10 ppg, US Olympic team member)
Chris Duhon (starting PG for Bulls)
Don’t get me wrong, those aren’t great players (although Hill, Francis and Marbury have been great), but the ACC just hasn’t put out that kind of depth in the NFL.

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