More Human Than Human

ACC fans have known for a few years now what a special athlete Calvin Johnson is. He’s big, he’s fast, he has fantastic hands and he seems like a great kid. He tore up the ACC in his three years in the league, setting all kinds of receiving records at Georgia Tech.
Well, now you can add NFL Combine Legend to his resume. Johnson showed up in Indianapolis this weekend planning NOT to workout. He wanted to wait until Georgia Tech’s NFL day in a few weeks, so that some of his teammates could workout in front of the mass of scouts who would show for Johnson. He did agree to weigh in though, and when he tipped the scales at 239, some scouts got worried. Was he out of shape? Was he going to balloon as he got older?
Johnson took care of those concerns. He found a pair of running shoes to borrow (from ECU QB James Pinkney) and blazed through a 40 in 4.35. The man is 6’6″, 239lbs and ran a 4.35! Only two receivers ran faster. Top-rated running back Adrian Peterson helped his standing by running a 4.38, slower than Calvin’s time.

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