Games On The Radio On The Computer

For those of us stuck at work for the next couple of days (and next week too), I’ve found that it’s mighty handy to find radio stations that stream their broadcast on the Internet. I found a couple of stations last year that do this, but I guess I didn’t save the links.
Does anyone know of a station that is carrying the games and streaming their broadcast? If so, post the URL or station name in the comments. I’ll build a list here below. It could come in damn handy!
WCCP (Clemson)
The Boss (UNC)
WMAL (Maryland)
WTEM (Maryland, Virginia Tech)
WHFS (Maryland)
WJFK (Maryland)
WFMD (Maryland)
WRVA (Virginia)
WTAR (Virginia)
WTNT (Virginia)
WXRC (NC State)
WWNC (NC State)
WNMX (Duke)
WRNL (Virginia Tech)
WQXI (Georgia Tech)

Ten Most-Hated Dukies

I don’t really know what it is about Duke, but man do people hate that program. Even more, folks hate a lot of the individual players. I think it’s some combination of winning, hustle, arrogance, overexposure and whiteness that does it. Yes, whiteness. For some reason, the most hated player around is always the other team’s good white player. I can’t explain it, but there it is. And Duke has had a lot of good white players.
Anyway, the point of this post is that ESPN 2 posted a list of one guy’s ten most-hated Blue Devils. And yes, eight of his ten choices are white and that’s only because he included Gerald Henderson who probably wouldn’t make this list if he made it again a year from now.
My ten? Let’s see…
1. Bobby Hurley
2. Christian Laettner
3. Steve Wojciechowski
4. Chris Collins
5. Greg Newton (man, the 1995 team not only sucked, but it was full of detestable players!)
6. Dahntay Jones
7. J.J. Redick
8. Lee Melchionni
9. Josh McRoberts
10. Danny Meagher
Actually, I should probably bump Meagher up several notches, but I don’t feel like reshuffling.
In the spirit of fairness, and since the best way to engender hate is to be good, here are my ten most-hated Tar Heels:
1. Brendan Haywood
2. Rasheed Wallace
3. Makhtar Ndiaye
4. Matt Doherty
5. Jeff Lebo
6. Michael Jordan (I hated him until the NBA)
7. Dante Calabria
8. Eric Montross
9. Jeff McInnis
10. J.R. Reid

Dave On The Radio

If you want to hear the dulcet tones of my smooth radio voice, tune your computer into this afternoon at about 2:45. That’s when I’m scheduled to be on Grant Thompson’s Internet radio show Sports Pulse.
As you might imagine, we’ll be talking college hoops, I assume mostly about the ACC. We’ll probably cover the ACC Tournament, the NCAA Tournament, Hansbrough’s nose and whether Jeff McInnis really slept with Phil Ford’s wife.
If you watched ESPN’s Dream Job show, Grant was the guy who came in second place to that other guy that I haven’t seen since. I guess his dream job was to have ESPN bury him on ESPNU. Evidently Grant has also been on the OC, so I’m sure Bill Simmons is a fan. I’m not a 14-year-old girl, so I’ve actually never seen the show, but I’m sure Grant was very good. I did hear him interview the Sports Frog’s AB a couple of weeks ago and that went very well. Surely I can do better than AB.
Tune in!
Update: you can hear the rebroadcast here – Click on the Flash Media Player link and then zoom forward to about 36 minutes or so in. It’ll have to buffer all of that data first though.

All-ACC Teams Announced

As you probably heard, the ACC released it’s All-ACC Teams yesterday. The first team might be the least controversial in ACC history. It’s especially surprising with twelve teams to choose from now, but the top five guys were pretty much a given – Tyler Hansbrough, Jared Dudley, Al Thornton, Sean Singletary and Zabian Dowdell. They all had between 302 and 318 points in the voting. There was a big gap down to 232 points for JR Reynolds on the second team.
It’s really hard to think of a year with less overall controversy in the voting. The local radio guys were trying to work up some ire about Kyle Visser on the third team and Jon Scheyer beating out Thad Young and Grievis Vasquez for the All-Freshman Team, but those are pretty minor gripes.
The defensive team surprised me a bit. I thought DJ Strawberry would be the runaway vote leader, but he actually came in fourth. It looks like voters think steals=great defense. That has some merit of course, but there’s a hell of a lot more to playing D than just taking the ball away. In fact, you can play awesome, shutdown D without collecting a single steal.

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Bubble Watch – 3/6/2007

C’est fini.
The regular season is yesterday’s nose … er news. All three of the ACC bubble teams did what they had to do over the weekend. Was it enough? For Georgia Tech, I’d say probably so. They beat Boston College for another solid win and that pushed them to 20 wins overall. Still, they are going to get dinged for their road record and their overall power numbers. I suspect the Jackets are in win or lose, but they’d better beat Wake Forest on Thursday to be sure.
Clemson had the best win of the weekend, going to Blacksburg and winning on senior day. Given their struggles and how important Virginia Tech’s seniors have been, this might have been the most surprising result of they year. Well, might have been had this year not been so crazy. Still, it was huuuuge for the Tigers. Most national pundits still have them out of the Dance, but as you know, I’ve been optimistic about their chances for a few weeks now. I’ll say the same thing I’ve been saying, look at their overall record and their power numbers. Everyone seems to be caught up in their recent slide, but this team has still won 21 games and has an RPI of 36. I simply can’t imagine an ACC team with those stats being overlooked. Well, I can imagine it, but it shouldn’t happen. Remember, no 20-win ACC squad has ever been left out.

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Riding The Waves

In the world of electricity, there is a mathematical calculation called root mean squared (RMS). This is the way that we measure the voltage of an alternating current. When you plug your TV into the the 110 volt plug in your wall, you are really getting voltages rising from +165 volts to -165 volts. The root mean square is a way to take that sinusoidal form and calculate a nominal voltage. At any given time, the voltage may be higher or lower, but it averages out to 110 volts (more or less).
The fortunes of college basketball programs take similar shapes. Some years they are on highs and some years lows. Unfortunately fans can’t seem to calculate the RMS. They see the highs and think that’s the true measure of their program. They see the lows and think it’s time to fire the coach. It’s hard to see the big picture, to find that nominal value of a program.
Al Featherston wrote an outstanding piece for the Duke Basketball Report last week about this phenomenon. He makes a point that I’ve tried to make on this site numerous times over the years, but fortunately Featherston is a much better writer than I’ll ever be. The point is that even the truly great programs – Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA, etc. – have their ebbs and flows. They rise and fall like the tides, but their fans often fail to see that their overall level, their RMS, remains extremely high. Instead, fans see that Kentucky hasn’t made a Final Four in nearly a decade. UConn’s going to miss the NCAA Tournament this year? Kansas seems to always underachieve in the tournament. That’s what the fans notice. What they fail to recognize is just how special their programs are, just how successful they have been and still are.
No program wins every year. None. Carolina went 8-20 a few years ago. Duke is 8-8 in the ACC this year. It happens to all of them. Rarely does it actually mean that the coach or the program is failing.
Give Al’s piece a read. Obviously it’s centered around Duke and Coach Krzyzewski, but it’s really about every program in the country and the disconnect between perception and reality.

Updated Log5 Predictions

Evidently not everyone is enamored with this little bit of statistical onanism, but I think it’s still fun. I’m not really sold on the accuracy of Log5 predictions, but I’ll give Ken Pomeroy the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure he’s looked into it.
Anyway, here is an update to last week’s preliminary Log5 predictions.
The Cliff’s Notes version – despite the craziness of the weekend, Carolina is still an overwhelming favorite to win the ACC Tournament. The Heels have a 50% chance of winning the whole thing. Of course, there’s no statistical model that can account for Tyler Hansbrough’s broken beak.
For the other teams, Duke comes in at about 18% (although again, it doesn’t know that Gerald Henderson won’t play against NC State on Thursday), Maryland is at 14%, Georgia Tech is 9% and the Hokies are at 3%. The ACC co-regular season champion Virginia Cavaliers have a whopping 2% chance of winning the ACC Tournament!
Actually, that last stat right there is pretty crazy. If you look at the chart, you’ll see that UVA is predicted to have just a 25% chance of winning on Friday. Their opponent will be either Duke or NC State. Virginia played three games against those teams this year. Their record in those games? 3-0. 25% indeed.
So, take this all with a big ol’ grain of salt.

Bubble Watch – 3/2/2007

This will have to be quick, so just a few observations before the chart.
I think there are now six ACC teams who are absolutely in. All could lose out and still get bids.
Georgia Tech is back in right now, but not for good. One more win would probably do it, either this weekend or next Thursday. Lose both and they’ll be very nervous next Sunday.
Clemson actually hurt their power ratings by beating Miami. The RPI sucks. Still, it was their 20th win and no ACC team has ever won 20 games and not gotten in. But they still need another win or two to be sure. I honestly think they are closer than most pundits would have you believe. A win in Blacksburg this weekend might do the trick.
Florida State absolutely has to two 2-3 more games to get in. Unfortunately, beating Miami will probably hurt their RPI just like it did Clemson’s.

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The First Place Cavaliers

Singletary is the ManNow there’s a title I didn’t expect to be using anytime soon. At least not in reference to men’s basketball. But there you go. After last night’s outstanding win over Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech’s dismantling of UNC, Virginia is all alone in first place. Even if they lose their final game, the worst that can happen is a share of the regular season title. Don’t confuse ACC Tournament seeding with the regular season title; if you finish on top, even in a tie, you were the regular season champs.
For a bit of history, consider that Virginia has finished the ACC season in first place exactly four times before this year. In 53 prior seasons, four first place finishes. Three of those were during the Ralph Sampson years of 1981-83. The most recent time was 1995, when four teams finished tied at the top. Of those four times, only once did the Cavs hold the position outright (1981, when they finished 13-1).
This is historic.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Virginia is a great team or even that they’re the best in the ACC. This squad isn’t nearly as good as those past regular season champs. They may not be overwhelming and they may not be pretty, but damn if they don’t keep winning games. Maryland beat UNC and swept Duke; Virginia swept Maryland. Virginia Tech swept Carolina and won in Cameron; Virginia split with the Hokies. Georgia Tech also notched wins over both Carolina and Duke (I guess everyone has taken a Blue Devil scalp this year); the Cavs topped the Jackets last weekend. You can’t accidentally win 11 games in the ACC.
One other matter should have been settled last night – ACC Coach of the Year. It has to be Dave Leitao. Has to be. Like I said, this isn’t a great squad. They are terribly flawed. Yes, they have an excellent backcourt with two players worthy of All-ACC selection, but neither are perfect. Sean Singletary coasts at times and turns the ball over too much. JR Reynolds has below-average athleticism for his position. The rest of the team is filled with good-but-not-really-good players. You never know who the third or fourth player is going to be in any game. Oddly, the team is deep, but Coach Leitao just never knows who is going to step up to support the guards. Yet somehow, like Jim Grobe did for Wake Forest in football, Leitao has navigated the league better than everyone else. Ken Pomeroy’s equations say the Cavaliers are the ninth best team in the ACC.
The standings say they are in first.