Forward Thinking

As soon as a season ends, the first thing most fans do is wonder about the next season. Will my team be better or worse? Is anyone going to leave early? What will I do without Jason Cain’s mustache?
Thankfully, some of the answers to those questions have been answered by ACC guru Dave Glenn. In a three-part series, he previews next year’s ACC taking educated guesses about who’s leaving and who’s staying. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
The bottom line? The league should be quite good next year. Unless Hansbrough or Lawson leave, Carolina should be even better. Georgia Tech could be really good. Duke will be better too. The only two teams who are really being decimated are Maryland and Virginia Tech. The Terps had some promising freshmen though and it might actually be a good thing to continue to sweep out another post-title recruiting class. Actually, Miami probably counts in the decimated category as well, but they weren’t too impressive to begin with, so that’s no big loss.
2008 should be a hell of a season!

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